Suggestions / Complaints

Your suggestions and complaints may be submitted in writing via mail, fax, email, suggestion boxes available in local service / reception, personally, or by using the Complaints Book Answers available in the institution.
The suggestions and complaints must be written in a clear, concise and objective, describing the acts giving rise to the suggestion or complaint and, if possible, indicate / suggest a solution or corrective action deemed appropriate.
For suggestions or complaints are considered, addressed and answered, it is essential to identify the complainant, with a name and an identification number (taxpayer ID card, or citizen card), and an indication of your mailing and / or electronic . If there is no email address, there should be an indication of a telephone / cellphone for faster communication and direct.
The documents arriving into Cercipom without identification and / or no way to contact the author, not to be considered for purposes of treatment and response.
If you want to make suggestions or complaints more quickly, you can do so through: