Materializes in all activities expressing the character of the organization, alleging interajuda among all stakeholders, ensuring the quality of their services.
Participation and promotion of social support networks for people with disabilities and / or disability, creating integrated solutions in different areas of life.


Involvement and coresponsabilização of all, the organizational dynamics and community.
To promote the empowerment of clients, enhancing their capabilities and effective use of decision of its resources.
Integrating different perspectives and monetize and utilize the expertise and knowledge of the different stakeholders (customers and significant, employees, partners, the community in general) in each case.


Respect the needs, capabilities and satisfaction of the people. Considering them and valuing them in guiding the action of the organization and guarantee the fundamental ethical principles of freedom and confidentiality.
Respecting being congruent with themselves and others.
Respect the organization preventing any actions that may undermine or discredit the Cercipom.
Respect is a core value and asset of all for all.


Acting in accordance with the mission, vision, policies and requirements of the job justifying their own actions.
Individually take collective responsibility.
Being responsible with the principles of economic, social and environmental development.



Being an entity reference in the field of rehabilitation, through training and improving the quality of life of its customers.



Promote personal autonomy, social and professional customers through a comprehensive and individualized service.




  • Policy Leadership:

The CERCIPOM seeks to be a reference entity in rehabilitation promoting personal autonomy, social and professional lives of its clients through a comprehensive and individualized service. In furtherance of its mission and vision, management undertakes to follow its quality policy and disseminate it to all stakeholders.
Information dissemination is done through various internal and external mechanisms facilitating communication flow within the organization and dissemination of their image in the community. The importance of communication is valued and recognized for the successful continuation of services, mission and vision.
The organization's strategy regarding the current mission mirrored the annual planning through the development of activities inclusive, participatory and sustainable guided by a streamlined and efficient management of resources, without neglecting the quality of life of clients.
The CERCIPOM single entity while intervening in the disability sector in the municipality of Pombal, takes a proactive approach in services, recognizing its social responsibility in the community and working towards building a more open and inclusive society, reflected in the results obtained annually through evaluation of all stakeholders.

  • Human Resources Policy:

The success of CERCIPOM services depends on the quality and motivation of human resources. For such rigor and transparency in recruitment and selection criteria are essential for matching profiles and professional services.
The CERCIPOM bases its human resources policy in their organizational values ​​which are inherent in the selection criteria of the employees. These relate the experience, skills and qualifications necessary for the proper conduct of their duties and services provided to customers.
Employees, volunteers and interns have the opportunity to develop professionally through learning continues promoted and valued by management CERCIPOM.
In the development of the services the organization seeks the active involvement of human resources valuing flexibility, change and continuous improvement in the work, reflected in the performance of their duties by investing in practices conducive to good organizational environment.
In order to gauge the satisfaction and motivation of human resources, the CERCIPOM currently holds an annual assessment which serves as the starting point for the development of best professional practices combined safety, welfare and good working conditions offered by the organization.
So CERCIPOM promotes and gives the opportunity to all human resources and contribute actively engage in strategy and organizational growth.

  • Rights Policy:

The CERCIPOM undertakes the promotion and protection of rights through the bill of rights of the customer CERCIPOM made in light of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, International Conventions and Declarations of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
All organizational practices converge in clients' rights to be, equal opportunities, confidentiality, the principle of non-discrimination, equal treatment for equal participation and freedom of choice through self-determination.
The rights of customers is the cornerstone in the origin and practice of the organization being expressed in their values: respect, solidarity, responsibility and participation.

  • Ethics Policy:

In furtherance of the mission and organizational values ​​was defined a code of ethics directed all human resources CERCIPOM. In it are professional criteria, principles and values ​​that govern the behaviors as: Solidarity, Participation, Respect and Responsibility.
To ensure the adequacy of ethical behavior and interaction of human resources, are defined in the Manual Functions powers, functions and responsibilities of the various professional categories that are evaluated annually and contribute to transparency, accountability and efficiency in communication.
The code of ethics was developed and implemented to protect customers from risks, ensuring their dignity and the promotion of social justice.

  • Politics of Partnerships:

Having an underlying systemic intervention to CERCIPOM values ​​and fosters partnerships with public and private entities within and outside the sector in which it operates thereby contributing to a more open and inclusive.
The selection of partners is made taking into account the needs and expectations of clients / families / significant gifts in planning and underlying organizational mission and strategy.
In order to pursue a streamlined and efficient management of resources should be evaluated partnerships, adding value to the services and contribute to improved levels of service efficiency.

  • Participation Policy:

Successful intervention requires the involvement of clients / families / significant throughout the process. The CERCIPOM promotes the inclusion of clients in the organization and in the community through various activities while active members. The inclusion involves the training of customers in the exercise of their rights and duties, creating conditions for self-representation and self-sufficiency.
The organization bases its intervention on the principle of empowerment, active and continually seeking the autonomy of clients, enhancing their skills in decision-making and effective use of its resources.
The political participation of customers has as main objective the creation of equal opportunities in the social fair, building a positive image of disability.

  • Policy approach focused on customers:

The approach focuses on clients / families / significant takes into account the multidimensional concept of quality of life that encompasses the dimensions of emotional well-being, material, physical, interpersonal relationships, personal development, self-determination, social inclusion and rights, considering the client / family / significant as a whole.
The definition of the objectives of quality of life is determined by identifying the needs and expectations of clients / families / significant collected in the diagnostic evaluation and individual schedules.
Clients / families / significant are called to participate actively in their individual plan in its self-assessment and evaluation of services, thus respecting the individual contribution.

  • Policy Scope:

Based on the promotion of personal autonomy, social and professional lives of its clients through a comprehensive and individualized service, the CERCIPOM has underlying practices holistic intervention.
In the embodiment of a holistic approach looking CERCIPOM monitor needs and expectations of the community and its customers providing differentiated services: early intervention, vocational training, and Occupational Activity Center Residential Home.
In its services to CERCIPOM have multidisciplinary teams seeking satisfaction, training and improving the quality of life for customers through mainstreaming and involvement of all parties.

  • Policy Results Orientation:

In providing their services to demand CERCIPOM be an entity reference in the field of rehabilitation. To pursue this objective measurement, evaluation and reporting of the results become central to the statement of value added services to all parties involved.
The concern with measuring results and impact in meeting the needs and improving the quality of life of clients, begin to define the organization's strategic plan, annual plan unfolded in his stand that the main objectives and indicators of success. Annually are measured, evaluated and reported through various channels of communication so that they are accessible and understood by the various stakeholders.

  • Continuous Improvement Policy:

The CERCIPOM takes proactive practices to accompany the needs, expectations and quality of life of its customers and simultaneously market the social economy in which it operates.
It is understood by all proactive practices that impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of services by promoting and implementing innovation projects.
The system of quality management CERCIPOM agenda on the principle of continuous improvement, which is the point of departure and arrival of all practices whether innovation or improved services, respecting the cyclical process of evaluation of services.