CRI - Inclusion Resources Center


School age children (attending the mainstream education establishments), with special educational needs whose integration on adult/active life goes through a specialized preparation.


  • Facilitate the integration/transition of the child/adult to the adult/active life;
  • Provide activities that are favourable for the autonomy and capacitance of the child/student;
  • Provide experiences that increase the quality of life of the child/student;
  • Promote the prevention, qualification, rehabilitation and participation of the child/adults with handicap.


  • Support to the specialized evaluation of the children and youngster with special and permanent educational needs;
  • Prevention of incapacity, through fitting strategies with the purpose of providing the individual with the maximum performance and autonomy in his personal, conmmunicational, social and professional roles;
  • Use of specific therapies, integrated in selected activities according to the intended objectives.


  • Physiotherapist;
  • Terapeuta da Fala;
  • Occupational Therapist;
  • Psychologist;
  • Other Technicians provided by the partner's services (Faculty).


The CRI is intended for students with permanent special educational needs, eligible for Special Education according to the Decree-Law nr 3/2008, from 7 of January and is held in partnership with the School Cluster in the Municipality of Pombal.


DREC (Regional Board of the Ministry of Education in charge of the Central Region)