Vocational Training Center

Cercipom's Vocational Center is an entity cerified by DGERT (Directorate-General of Employment and Work Relations), that develops vocational financed by the POPH (Operational Program Human Potential) and IEFP (Institute of Employment and Vocational Training), adopted from measure 6.2 - Vocational Training for People with Handicaps and Disabilities.



People from both genders, from 15 to 45 years of age, that due to their disablities, are in need of a personalized and qualify-leading vocational project, that facilitates the structuring of a life project and employability.


  • Enhance the integration into the labour market. Potenciar a integração no mercado de trabalho;
  • Promote the acquisition of professional and social skills that enable the trainee to perform the tasks inherent to the field of training;
  • Enhance the Social Inclusion and active citizenship of the trainees.


Initial Training
On the initial training we put forth the following courses:
  • Wood and Furniture Finishing Operator – with a workload of 3600 hours and renders double certification;
  • Locksmith – with a workload of 3600 hours and renders double certification;
  • Family Worker and Community Supporter – with a workload of 3600 hours and renders double certification;
  • General Services – with a workload of 3600 hours and renders professional certification.
Ongoing Training
Aimed at active or unemployed people that already with an initial qualification that require a skill update to maintain or rejoin the labour market.
They have a maximum workload of 400 hours and it's an essential part of their modular training adapted to the needs of the trainees.


  • Professional or training scholarships;
  • Meal allowance;
  • Transportation allowance;
  • Personal injury insurance;
  • Acquisition of new knowledge and job opportunities.


  • I.E.F.P. (Institute of Employment and Vocational Training);
  • ESF (European Social Fund).

The signups to attend vocational training are open throughout the year. To do so you should contact C.R.F.P. and request an interview appointment.